This Ferrari F430 hit nearly 200 mph on the autobahn

4w ago



The Ferrari F430 is a car that's revered by a lot of Ferrari fans. A good amount of this has to do with the fact that it was the final Ferrari ever to be offered with a manual gearbox. It's got an awesome sounding V8 to go along with that too. It's also fast. Very fast. That insane speed is very well-demonstrated here by AutoTopNL (a channel that has become infamous for its speed-related shenanigans) who managed to get a brilliant example of an F430 (unfortunately, bereft of the legendary gated manual in favour of the paddle shift F1 gearbox) up to 310 km/h (almost 200 mph!) on a derestricted autobahn. Whilst this Ferrari is a car designed to go very fast, it still looks like a pretty scary experience absolutely nailing it on the autobahn like that!

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