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    This Fiat 500 Jolly is the weirdest thing you'll see all day - And it's for sale

    Does a golf-cart turned Fiat with wicker seats fit your fancy?

    6d ago


    Let's be honest, we all secretly want this in our lives. It's basically a regular 1969 Fiat 500, minus the roof, doors, and half the windshield. In place of the typical hardtop, lies is a canopy, perched atop some tent-like posts. The seats are replaced with wicker chairs, giving it a perfect beach-buggy/golf-cart/city car vibe.

    It's currently for sale on Bring A Trailer (BaT).

    This isn't someone's really weird project though. Coach-builders such as Ghia made these in the 1960s and 70s. It is a bit unclear from the listing, but this one is believed to be a genuine Ghia Jolly, not a modern recreation.

    Jollies were primarily owned by luxury yacht owners wanting a small vehicle to cruise around in when they reach port. The small design made them perfect for easy storage on the vessel, a big problem on even the largest of ships.

    Because owners would frequently visit the beach, wicker seats were necessary to keep the interior clean from sand, and water tracked in from wet bathing suits.

    Just like a standard 500, the interior is very basic, with just a few gauges on the dash and a thin steering wheel.

    With a 500cc engine, speed isn't the main focus in this vehicle. With a 4-speed manual transmission, it's clear that the point is fun, hence the name "Jolly".

    Now for this specific model:

    It's finished in mint green paint, with a green and white striped top. Looking through the photos the paint looks immaculate, along with all the badges and trim. The wicker seats are very clean, with little wear, unsurprising given that it was refurbished in 2019.

    The odometer says just 7km (~4mi), however that figure is extremely unlikely and the true mileage is unknown. All the mechanical bits seem to be in tip-top shape and it has a clean title.

    Image from BaT

    Image from BaT

    Oh, but the price! As of this writing, it's currently sitting at $26,000 (US), however there are still another 6 days left of the auction. This means that the price will almost certainly go up, likely past $40,000.

    What you get for it is definitely worth the steep price. You get a rare, unique mint-condition vehicle that will attract attention no matter where you go. Just make sure it's warm out.

    What are you waiting for? Go place your bid!


    Image from BaT

    Image from BaT

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    Comments (15)

    • Thats a crazy price

        6 days ago
    • I would love to drive that but its waaaaaaaaay too expensive

        6 days ago
    • I actually like it!

        6 days ago
    • I am not sure what's so special about them, but if this one will sell for $40,000, it will be a bargain.

      They rarely are sold under $60,000 on BaT. This one was sold on BaT in March this year for $142,000. No, I did not misplace coma or add extra zero. Just go on BaT site, punch "Fiat Jolly" into search and be surprised!

        6 days ago
      • Now you gave me a business idea. Coming from exYU, we had licenced FIAT 600 as a national car.... Few chops, puffs and nice wheels...rebadge it as 500.... There you go...noone will notice... And if one does notice, I'm happy with tenth of that...

        Read more
          3 days ago
      • Good idea!

          3 days ago
    • Interesting, but not for me. It’s a car designed for a specific use, and Conor something you’d get the best out of very Often

        3 days ago


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