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This fire-breathing leviathan will leave you erupting in applause (or fear)

Four-rotors and 1000 bhp - this RX-7 makes the 787B look quite docile.

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The automotive spectrum is incredible - the variety of car cultures you find and the wonderful creations they spew out are the reasons we all love the world of motoring. Once in a while, though, individual builders bolt on a number of aftermarket parts to a bog standard car, and what that leads to are monsters like this four-rotor Mazda RX-7.

David Mazzei is the name of the mad scientist behind this particular build. He took the wicked R26B engine given to us by the Japanese firm and somehow managed to extract over 1000 bhp from it - allowing it to rev to an eardrum-shattering 10,000 rpm.

The engine initially ran on 12 psi of boost coupled with 700 bhp, and the fact that he's managed to increase its output by such a large amount begs the question - is he more insane than the car that he's created?

He specifically opted for the Work GTX5593 98 mm Gen 2 turbocharger, as well a very specific exhaust lay out (which, as you can see, sticks right out of the side) because he wanted his car to sound as similar as he could to Mazda's 1991 Le Mans winning 787B.

The result is a car that simply cannot stay still - power, torque and raw kinetic energy are coursing through every instrument and mechanical component of the car. I mean, it just wants to break free from the shackles of the dynomometer and scream its way down every inch of asphalt in its wake.

Here's a video of the owner and his team running through the creation of the car, and why he chose the Mazda RX-7 as the bare-bones for project psycho. And yes, he does do donuts in it, and yes, he does rev the living day-light out of it too.

Are you in equal parts speechless and terrified? Good, so am I.

What do you think about David Mazzei's four-rotor 1000 bhp RX-7?

Would you rather own this over a ready-made half a million dollar super car?

Leave your thoughts and comments down below - thank you for reading!

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  • That is one angry dorito

      11 months ago
  • Incredible machine

      11 months ago
  • Oh Jesus Christ.... *faints*

      11 months ago
  • When can we order 1?

      11 months ago
  • That was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen!! Wow that thing is a beast!! Sounds infuckincredible!!!

      11 months ago