This Ford Fiesta is a nitrous injected sports van - and it's for sale

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Looking at this particular Ford Fiesta, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s one of the devil’s creations. Its little body appears to be bursting with rage and power of the most demonic variety. It even runs on the devil’s fuel: diesel!

Due to the fact that it’s a van, this particular Fiesta has under the bonnet a 1.5L turbodiesel 4-cylinder. In stock form, this engine produces a paltry 74 horsepower. For this particular van however, power is up to 155bhp.

The extra 81 horsepower is the result of a larger hybrid turbocharger, a new intercooler, and a sporty exhaust. In order to not overwhelm the rest of the van, bigger brakes were fitted, along with new coilovers, and a new clutch. More important than any of that however is what’s lurking behind the passenger seat.

If the passenger were to have a rummage around behind their seat, they’d stumble upon a canister used for storing nitrous. And when unleashed into the cylinders, power goes up even further to 186bhp.

If truth be told, this van’s exterior gives the impression that it’s more powerful than what it actually is. But given that diesel’s produce immense amounts of torque, we can confidently speculate that it would probably present a problem for a new Fiesta ST in a drag race.

Just imagine for a moment this van turning up to fix your boiler. You’d either want to become best friends with the driver immediately, or you’d consider them a reprobate and not want them near your house. If you ask me, it’s fantastic!

The handymen and women of the world currently have the opportunity to make this their next works-van - because it’s for sale on eBay. It’s a 2016 model, with 12,500 miles on the clock, and can be yours for £1 under £12 grand. It’s certainly worth a though if you want your van to have attitude.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

Twitter: @AngeloUccello

Facebook: Speed Machines - DriveTribe

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Comments (10)
  • Has Guy been at it again??

    As well executed as this little gem of automotive engineering is you have to ask yourself 'Am I realistically capable of keeping this micro-monster properly maintained?' Nice and all as having a performace turbo installed and trick plumbing to keep it all running smoothly is, not to mention a flipping nitrous kit to boost power for some reason and you've got yourself a headache when it comes to maintenence/repair costs for honestly no other reason than having bragging rights for owning the world's most ridiculous small diesel powered van.

    1 month ago
  • Wouldn't be easier to convert ST into van?

    1 month ago
    • I would have thought modifying a ford transit connect would have been a better option to modify.

      1 month ago


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