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This Ford Flex turns into a toaster in its spare time

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4w ago

We often hear that SUVs are just a trend, a brilliant marketing move that only serves to inflate the manufacturers' profits without offering a better practicality than that of the now defunct MPVs. An owner of one of these vehicles intends to prove the opposite in his own way.

In the city of Denver, Colorado, there was a somewhat unusual Ford Flex. While the car is not exceptional in itself, the modifications it received have made it more than remarkable. And yet, the transformation was not very complicated and the person didn't have a lot of work to do.

The owner of the American SUV simply added two giant slices of bread to the roof of his vehicle. Simple and even enough to turn the Flex into a huge toaster. It must be said that the initial cubic shape of the vehicle perfectly imitates that of a toaster.

If the initiative is amusing, it will also drastically increase the car's consumption without increasing the owner's bread consumption. Because yes, despite appearances, the two slices of bread are not real, but you've certainly guessed it.

Photo credits DatMiQQa Reddit account

Photo credits DatMiQQa Reddit account

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  • Pimp my ride intensifies

      1 month ago
  • It identifies as a toaster

      1 month ago
  • If its a hybrid you get 50/50 best of both 🍞

      1 month ago