This Ford Mondeo Driver Just Learned That Speeding Thru A Puddle Is A Bad Idea

1y ago


Driving is all about traction. When you don't have any of it, weird things begin to happen. When you drive over water the amount of traction you get from the tires is reduced. And when you drive over A LOT of water and at high enough speed, that's when your tires actually lose contact with the road.

Whether you call it Hydroplaning or Aquaplaning, the end result is usually catastrophic. Once you get a layer of water between your tires and the road, any steering or throttle input you give to the car won't make much of a difference until the car slows down. The best thing you can do once you hydroplane is to ease off the gas, steer towards the direction you're trying to go, and hope for the best.

Check out this Ford Mondeo driver completely lose it as they sped through a large puddle of water on the highway. Lesson here: Don't speed through a huge puddle!

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