This French-built hydrogen supercar has 500 hp and 500 miles of range

And a quirky name: Hopium Machina Alpha 0

If I had a bit of money and the audacity to invest it in a motoring project, I would probably build a 500-hp electric supercar and give it a funny name. Mostly because apparently that's what everyone is doing these days. The latest high-performance machine to join the EV frenzy was developed in France by a company called Hopium (yes, with the 'h') and it is called the 'Machina Alpha 0'. It looks good and if you remove the body panels that compose the (admittedly rather gorgeous) bodywork, you'll find fuel cells, not batteries.

Hopium was founded by Olivier Lombard (the youngest winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, ed.) and Mr Lombard confirms the Machina will put out 500 hp and will be capable of travelling 500 miles on a single tank... of hydrogen. For the sake of argument, you can basically only buy two FCEVs right now: the 161-hp Hyundai Nexo with 380 miles of range, or the 182-hp Toyota Mirai with 401 miles of range. That's because the BMW i Hydrogen Next (=X5 FCEV) and the Land Rover Defender aren't production-ready yet and Honda is officially axing the Clarity FCEV.

Hopium is currently testing a pre-production model with a 124-mph top speed and you can actually already order one: you can reserve it for as little as €410 ($490 / £350).

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Comments (4)

  • I would if the infrastructure for refueling was there. I do believe Hydrogen will be the next step though, we'll probably see the Stan Meyer tech of on demand hydrogen from the 90's come back when the government and or energy company that buried it decide it is time.

      1 month ago
  • Draw a circle 500miles around your starting point. That's as far as you can go. There are no filling stations anywhere. That, or turn back at 250miles and get back to where you started. Nothing 'super' about that. The thing about EVs is that electricity can be found nearly everywhere. You're always near enough to a plug to top up in an emergency, not so very differently to a normal car. The latest models will even route you via chargers and allow 'way points' to be added en route. 500hp is no longer a big deal. Even a pickup truck gets more than that and can go further in the case of the higher spec models... I'm talking about EVs here, not normal vehicles. I have absolutely NO idea why anyone spends time and money building stuff like this. Even the physics is against the whole idea. It literally makes no sense at all, irrespective of whether you like the idea.

      1 month ago
  • Unobtanium

      1 month ago
  • I see Mirai all over around here so they must have fuel. I'll take anything quality over a Tesla, or give me a Tesla and I'd sell it. Still it takes energy to make the hydrogen, hydrogen is good for some applications but I don't think everyone's DD is one of them.

      1 month ago