This Gallardo Race Car Is Missing Lambo's V10

1y ago


Quick, what are the two best things about the Lamborghini Gallardo? The Gallardo looks amazing, it manages to pull off unique without being stupid. You immediately recognize one the moment you see it. More importantly is the noise coming from the sublime 5.2 liter V10. Naturally if you were going to take one racing you would absolutely start with the V10 and go from there. Unless you're from Brazil, then you have a completely different approach and the end result is unlike any other Gallardo on the planet.

Mottin Racing is a race team that competes in Brazil's endurance racing series. Naturally they had the idea that a Lamborghini would be a great place to start for one of their racing machines. Unnatturally they decided to ditch the screaming V10 with something significantly less epic. Their engine of choice was a turbocharged Volkswagen four cylinder. Why? Well that is something of a moving target. All the furious googleing I could manage didn't net the answer I was looking for.

Some have theorized that the Gallardo's V10 was earmarked for a prototype race car the team was working on. Though attempts to confirm this information were not successful. The likely reason for the engine swap is simple costs. The V10 for all its glory is an expensive engine to maintain, and costs increase significantly when you go endurance racing. The four cylinder engine, while not nearly as dramatic as the V10 is much cheaper to run and maintain. Making this the likely reason for the swap.

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