- Photo credits WienerSchnitzel01 Reddit account

This gas station is invaded by lifted suspension trucks

An unusual sight

13w ago

A modified car always attracts attention, for better or for worse. Needless to say, it's a source of astonishment and amazement when a whole convoy of tuning cars makes a stop at a gas station. That's what happened somewhere in the US where a group of pickup trucks made a somewhat improvised stop at the paddocks.

Posted on Reddit, the following photo shows no less than five vehicles with their front suspensions generously raised. The picture shows two Chevrolet Silverados, a Dodge Ram and a Chevrolet Tahoe. These modifications are systematically accompanied by a new set of huge rims.

Note also that the Silverado in the foreground carries an inflatable pink flamingo in its bed. With this amusing detail out of the way, let's add that this pack of trucks is probably on its way to a meeting, a very popular event in Uncle Sam's country.

Photo credits WienerSchnitzel01 Reddit account

Photo credits WienerSchnitzel01 Reddit account

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