This GM-Built 4X4 Is A $330,000 Beast, But You Can't Buy One

    It's an insane 9-seater Chevy Colorado ZR2 that's made for the U.S Army.

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    As you may have known, GM Defense signed a $214 million deal back in June that required them to develop and build 649 Infantry Squad Vehicles (ISVs) for the U.S. Army. These vehicles had to be lightweight off-roaders with seating for nine. GM Defense came up with this, a badass Chevrolet Colorado ZR2-based beast. To keep it lightweight, most of the body was removed, and all that's remaining is 9 lightweight seats, a steel roll cage, and massive wheels and tires.


    Very few details are known about the open-air 4X4, but weight numbers have been released along with a few neat features. Coming in at 5000 lbs, the ISV isn't light per se, but for the military, it's the equivalent of a feather. Surprisingly, the ISV utilizes the same 186 horsepower 2.8 L diesel 4-cylinder that can be found in regular Colorado models, although I suspect that this Colorado puts out a lot more than that. It also uses the same 6-speed automatic transmission and is fitted with front and rear locking differentials as well.


    Presumably, the GM-built 4X4 will go through numerous tests before being fully produced. You know, blowing it up, driving it off a boat, and shoving it off a building - normal military stuff. Thanks to its lightness, the ISV is able to be sling loaded from a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, and is small enough to fit inside a CH-47 Chinook helicopter.

    “During Soldier testing, the feedback we received was paramount in delivering a vehicle that met Soldiers’ needs, while maximizing safety and performance and taking their comfort into consideration. The production ISV we’re delivering today is an evolution from our original prototype design, and it’s certainly a vehicle that is a source of pride for the team,” said Mark Dickens, the GM Defense chief engineer.


    GM Defense has also partnered with the army's GVSC ( Ground Vehicle Systems Center) to create a ZH2 concept. The ZH2's equipment is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell that can export a max of 50 kW. It also generates up to 2 gallons of water per hour.


    This Colorado-based ISV is one of the coolest 4X4s I've seen in awhile, and it should be pretty useful too. Hopefully this thing will hit military auctions in 30 years or so and maybe start roaming the streets - we'll just have to hope Jeremy Clarkson doesn't get his hands on one.



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    Comments (8)

    • $330,000 seems a bit cheap for all of that

        29 days ago
    • All that for only $330,000!

        1 month ago
    • Seems odd that it has no protection. Someone could just mow down the entire crew with a machine-gun

        1 month ago
      • It’ll be going so fast the enemies won’t even see it...or something.

          1 month ago
    • Damn

        1 month ago
    • Weirdly enough, I might still take the shite Toyota technical over this. Or I suppose a more "custom" solution.

        1 month ago


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