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This Golf has more bhp than a BMW M5!

And you can watch it decimate an RS3!

32w ago

When this seventh generation Golf came out, VW played around with the idea of putting Audi's unique 5 cylinder into the Golf R to make it even more powerful. As is the way with the VW group, for example the Audi R8 with a Lamborghini V10 or the Urus with a Panamera engine!

However, further judgement concluded that this would overshadow the RS3 too much, and so the R was given a highly tuned 4 cylinder instead. However, this owner not only put the 395bhp RS3 engine in his Golf, but then tuned it to produce over 600 bhp!

0-60 is said to be in around 3 seconds, and the traditional 155mph limited is gone! Despite the Golf not getting a good start, it still beats the RS3 in this quarter mile race! What's more, the car isn't over the top, and the absence of any massive wings or huge diffusers is pleasing to the eye.

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Comments (2)

  • Who doesn’t like the idea of a 600bhp golf!

      7 months ago
  • Not really sleeping sleeper. THIS is how it should have been done in the first place. Leave Audi for the fancy stuff.

    - owned and loved both brands for many years.

      7 months ago