This guy bought a €2 million LaFerrari but he will never be able to drive it

2y ago


A few weeks back, RM Sotheby's Leggenda e Passione auction took place at the home of Ferrari in Maranello, Italy. The whole auction was based around the Ferrari brand which saw many, many special cars being sold off to lucky buyers, but this particular lot stood out from the rest.

Why? Because it's a LaFerrari prototype. Perhaps the first car that the majority of us saw many years ago before the official release. Being such an important car in the LaFerrari history, bidders had to be accepted by Ferrari before they could enter the auction - crazy, huh?

The final number of sale sits at €2.1 million but there's a catch. As it's only a prototype, it's not homologated for road use therefore can only be used on private land or for static use. Ferrari make the buyer sign a contract acknowledging this and recommend that the car doesn't move and is used purely for display.

In today's rates, this actually works out cheaper than a fully road legal LaFerrari despite its rich history in the brand. Obviously there's a massive drawback to this, but it's more than certain that the car will appreciate over time.

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