- This guy got fed up with his commute! - Image from Modern Express

This Guy Gets Fined For Painting New Road Markings to Make His Commute Easier!

1y ago


Ever been stuck in the rush hour traffic on your way to work? Perhaps your journey home takes that much longer because you get stuck in a traffic jam of others trying to live in the rat race that is rush hour.

This man from Lianyungang, Jiangsu province in China decided to take the law into his own hands to try and make his commute faster. The man took the bus every day to work, and every day he would go through a traffic jam all trying to get through a three lane junction. The man saw that the turning left lane was always empty, while the two lanes meant for traffic to go straight ahead were always busy.

The man is seen painting lines on the highway in live traffic! - Image from Modern Express

The man was captured on camera with a can of white paint painting a white arrow onto the turning left lane. The man thought that creating a third lane of traffic would make his commute a lot smoother. He was fined 1000 Yuan (approx £112) for his troubles, and traffic police have since instructed workers to repaint the road!

This brings a whole new meaning to painting white lines on the highway!