- CREDIT: Car Throttle

I love driving and I consider myself a pretty decent driver, but I will always watch instructional videos whether or not it's a new technique or something I already know how to do. Case in point, heel/toe downshifting, which Wouter Bollen shows off beautifully in this video he took of his e36 325i.

For those that aren't familiar with the concept, heel/toe downshifting is an excellent method that allows you to maximize your speed coming out of a turn (it also helps with wear and tear on the vehicle) The steps are simple:

- begin braking

- clutch in

- while still applying pressure on the brake, blip the throttle with the outer edge or heel of that same foot to raise the RPMs


- downshift

- clutch out

- proceed

It's a pretty complicated technique to master but as with anything, practice and you'll be fine. I should point out that not all cars have a brake and throttle spaced perfectly for heel/toe shifting. My Mustang, for instance, is terrible for that. In fact, I had to replace the throttle pedal with a wider aftermarket one just to be able to heel/toe comfrotably.

Enjoy the video!


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