This guy hosted a motorsport awards show in his bedroom

Both budget and expectations were low...

39w ago

The pandemic might have left many of us spending more time in our bedrooms than we would have originally wanted to and I'll be the first to say that hosting my own awards show in my slippers wasn't top of the list of things I had planned to do in 2020, but here we are.

Yep, 'that guy' stood behind a cardboard box draped in an old table cloth with an A4 sheet of paper taped to the front is me.

For a while now I have been running an Instagram page called theracingblog_ where I cover the ongoings in the world of endurance racing. Not F1, not MotoGP, but the races that last anything between 2-24 hours.

Whether it be live race updates or sportscar gossip, the page has collected a fair few thousand followers in 2020, so with more eyes on me than ever why not don my only decent suit for a quick-fire awards show?

The motorsport season has, despite obvious and necessary interruption, been somewhat of a thriller and so whittling down a few hundred nominations made by my followers for the eight awards was no easy task, but all made worth it but what might be the lowest budget awards show of all time.

Click the link below to see who picked up a HIGHLY SAUGHT AFTER theracingblog_ award, and why not drop a follow if you love endurance racing as much as I do:


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