This guy is swapping a BMW V10 into a real TVR Sagaris he built in his garage!

Ashley Sutherland is back at it again. But this time with a V10!

7w ago

Just over a year ago, I wrote about some nutter who decided that he would bring a factory-unfinished TVR Sagaris back from the dead. And despite starting with little more than an unpainted shell, he did it! With photos and videos of the now blue Sagaris driving (and drifting) all over his Instagram.

But where one story ends, another begins:

Apparently, after a few months, Ashley Sutherland (the man behind all of this) decided that the 403-horsepower straight-six engine powering his Sagaris wasn't quite up to the mustard. Telling me that TVR's legendary 'Speed Six' engine was too highly strung for daily use.

Instead, he's decided to swap it out for a BMW V10 from an E60 M5!!!

Now, in case you don't know, the s85 (as it's known amongst BMW enthusiasts) is one of the most unreliable, expensive, and fragile engines ever to come out of Munich.

And as if that weren't mad enough, Ashley's decided to stick it into a car half-built by himself and a now-defunct British sports car manufacturer!

Personally, I'm fairly thick-skinned when it comes to dealing with temperamental European cars, but even this is too much even for me.

However, despite his apparent lunacy, Ashley is planning on doing quite a few things to improve the BMWTVR's longevity and reliability.

The engine, which has had its notorious Vanos and rod bearings taken care of, will be channeled through a DCT taken from an E92 M3. And into a cat-less exhaust, with gearbox programming to blip the throttle when changing gears.

On top of that, he will also be including various "goodies" such as a digital dash, an electronic parking break, active exhausts, and a suspension lift kit—all in an effort to keep that monstrous 550-horsepower V10 in check.

Thus far, Ashley has already test-fitted the s85-V10 with a spare TVR shell he had lying around and expects to get the car running by March.


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Comments (17)

  • This man likes to live dangerously

      1 month ago
  • The Hero this world needs!!

      1 month ago
  • 😳

      1 month ago
  • Well.... The V10 worked for Wiessmann, so why not in a TVR?

      1 month ago
  • Interesting, swap out an unreliable TVR engine for an unreliable M5 V10 engine.

    The guy is mad and maybe he likes engine swapping, wonder what the next unreliable engine he’ll put in when the V10 breaks?

      1 month ago