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This guy is transporting a BMW 3 Series in a van

Easy and practical although very dangerous

1y ago

Carrying a car when it is damaged or simply no longer working is no easy task. The laws governing this transport are generally strict to ensure maximum safety. It is necessary in some countries to bring a specific person with a specific transport vehicle.

But in real life, when you don't want to bother, you choose other solutions that are much more ingenious. You have an E46 BMW 3 Series that doesn't start anymore? Well, transport it in a Mercedes Sprinter! This incident, which was the result of a genius tinkering, took place in Radauti, a city in northeastern Romania. It was filmed by Ruben Costea who published it on his Facebook page.

Even if the video is very short - about ten seconds - it is possible to see how the van runs peacefully on the road despite the presence of a car in the back. The back doors are of course open, which allows us to appreciate the E46 BMW 3 Series in all its splendour and... in a vertical position!

The person of course removed the license plate from the German sedan so that the authorities would not find the owner. On the other hand, the license plate on the van is here! We don't know how this case ended. And we can't even imagine the state of the BMW at the end of that special trip...

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