This guy turned his Lamborghini into a giant XBOX controller!

1y ago


What does one do when they have a number of supercars, but the weather outside is too cold and wet to enjoy them? Or maybe you just want to drive like a maniac on the track, but can't find the time to take a weekend off to take your Lambo to the 'ring?

Well, this guy has the answer! "POG", as he is affectionately known, is the creator of quite possibly one of the most viral car videos we have seen this year, whereby he rigs up his LP700-4 to be a 1:1 scale XBOX controller for his favourite game - Forza!

We have a chat to our mate "POG" for some inside insight into his crazy hair brained scheme, about just what drove him to do something so ridiculous, yet so incredibly awesome!

"So my name is Pog, I am a car enthusiasts (I was part of Gumball 3000 this year) and also a big video game fan since my childhood. I own, among others, a Ferrari Speciale Aperta, a McLaren 675LT spider and a Lamborghini Aventador (named "Pogtador" - I gave names to all my cars, McPog, Pog-A). I use my cars quite extensively, my LT that I received in January already has 19 000 kilometers. I am showing my (stupid) car life on my Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Sharing is life."

"I work in innovative software development in computer graphics, so I like to create stuff. I modded my Lamborghini to work as a game controller. So I can play games with the steering wheel and pedals and gear switch of my Lambo. I am using a projector on the roof of the lambo to get a big image. The sound is coming from speakers I've tapped on each side of the car."

"I did it because it's every gamer's (me included) wet dream."

"A lot of people are saying : "That's useless. You have a Lamborghini, drive it on a circuit." But I ALSO drive often my cars on circuits (I live in Belgium, near two of the best circuits in the world : Spa Francorchamps and the Nurburgring). Track days are a lot of fun, but videogames are a totally different kind of fun. I like the two and I want to do the two. And I prefer to avoid a Game Over in real life ;)"

"People are also complaining because I climbed on my car to put the projector. But that's my car, right ? I do what I want with it. For me, cars are meant to be used (and abused)."

"I will post a behind-the-scenes video on my Facebook and Youtube to explain "How to mod a Lamborghini to work as a game controller". I am working on a versatile gaming setup, so it can be used on most cars."

Now, while us mere mortals over here have to just imagine what driving a real lambo is like, in the meantime we can watch one very ingenuous bloke enjoy his ultimate gaming rig :)

You can check out more of POG's antics on his Instagram below: