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This Guy Went Ahead And Painted His Carrera GT In Ruby Stone Red!

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There are very few Porsche Carrera GTs in the world and even fewer are seen being driven. Almost majority of the CGTs are painted in the standard dull metallic silver colour with only a few brave people opting for a bolder colour combination. It seems that all those brave men need to take a back seat because there is new hero in the Carrera GT world and his name is Alejandro Salomon. Youtuber Salomondrin has went ahead and repainted his Carrera GT in Porsche's historic Ruby Stone Red colour. This makes it the only CGT in the world to be finished in this unique paint.

How can you not like this?

Few months ago Alejandro had unveiled his CGT which was wrapped in this exact colour combination. It was received by everyone in the automotive world with a thunderous applause because no one had ever done something like this to their CGT. The story behind why he decided to change his mind from a wrapped to a fully painted CGT in this spec is not clear but who is asking for explanation!

Everything seems perfect!

Galpin Auto Sports is the tuning company responsible for this incredible task. If you live nearby Los Angeles and want to check out this car in person then you just got lucky! This Carrera GT will be put up on display at the Galpin Hall of customs stand from 1-10 December at the LA Auto Show.

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  • Not my bag of snacks, but honestly I approve the Carerra GT in any spec.

    1 year ago
  • Good for him. Next item please.

    1 year ago
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