This guy's homemade amphibious car is far better than Clarkson's

He's nailed it!

3w ago


How many of you have always wanted to drive an amphibious car? Do you not think it would be great fun to drive from the road straight into the water?

Unfortunately, very few people have an amphibious car and those that do, very rarely take them out. But if you make one then it's a little easier.

This man has done something we have always wanted to do. He has built himself a fully-fledged amphibious car from scratch and it looks like a US army boat. With over 7 million views, this video is well worth a watch.

Now, this isn't really a proper car as it's more of a go kart but it is pretty impressive. It's the sort of thing you want to take to a lakeside or a beach - the dream mobile.


How cool is this?

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Comments (17)

  • The car is excellent, however you can choose between that excellent and this one...

      22 days ago
    • the more excellent is always the more dangerous excellent... which is why Clarksons Excellent is the most excellent Excellent 😉

        21 days ago
    • Same

        19 days ago
  • Does it have much SPEED and POWER though?

      23 days ago
  • Have always thought it is better to make a boat with wheels, than a car that floats.

    Think of it as a tender that can drive to the local shops.

      22 days ago
    • see, now you're just making wayyy too much sense... and thats a language the lads don't speak 😬😅🤷‍♂️

        21 days ago
    • My first job was in a boat builders, we had this idea back in the 1970's. I then went off to study automotive engineering. I have suggested this to people before, but no one seems to want to finance it.

        21 days ago
  • Doesn’t quite beat the pond bug though.

      18 days ago
  • If we’re comparing a YouTubers home job to something Jeremy Clarkson “built”, I’ll go with the YouTuber anytime. I figure one took a few thoughts and a massive chequebook, the other took masses of blood, swear and tears from the guy who envisaged it (YouTuber).

    I thought the little runabout was very cool, very much from the Colin Furze school of DYI, not way out of reach for the average guy.

      21 days ago