This hidden BMW M5 Touring has a McLaren F1 engine

    This once-secret test car has been hidden away for decades, and the best part? It has the 618-horsepower V12 from a McLaren F1!

    4w ago


    Do you know what I always thought was kinda stupid?

    This whole trend of dressing up any fancy new pre-production car in camouflage to protect it from stinky-lensed photographers. Manufacturers have to do this because to make sure that the latest Golf GTI will function in the real world, they have to take it to, well, the real world!

    But it wasn't always like this; back in the 1980s and 90s, the world's top car manufacturers had other ways of testing their latest batch of sports-cars.

    For example, instead of using some cardboard to cover up a prototype of the new XJ220, Jaguar just decided to stick that engine into a van! And who cares?!? It still works.

    But, when it came time to test the McLaren F1's fabled V12 on the road, BMW had another idea.

    See, just putting a big, 618-horsepower V12 into a Ford Transit just seemed juvenile. So what did they do?

    They grabbed their M5 Touring family-hauler and threw the engine into that!

    McLaren Automotive

    McLaren Automotive

    Unfortunately, this car never made it to production, and I can't figure out why not. And while very little is known about this car's whereabouts. To the best of our knowledge, it's still stashed away in BMW's vault of secret test-cars.

    But if you were on a mission to find the greatest super-wagon ever made, you can stop right here, because ain't nobody topping that.


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    Comments (23)

    • You know, folks (e.g., Flyin’ Miata) have been dropping Corvette V-8s into Miatas for some time. It’s not simple nor cheap, but not so rare

        26 days ago
    • Well that is only right, as that engine was made by BMW

        28 days ago
      • Yes, but not intended to the chassis. Everything has to be overhauled. Someone I know installed Alfa Romeo GTV6 engine into 1977 Alfetta designed for 1.8 litre engine. He thought he's done everything right, i.e. stiffened chassis, braced...

        Read more
          28 days ago
      • 😂😂 leave it to Alfa Romeo, gotta love em

          28 days ago
    • The first proper super estate which manufacturers are only getting around to those sorts of figures now.

      I suspect the engine couldn’t live up to daily use but would love to know what 0-60, 1/4 mile and top speed was.

        28 days ago
      • Well Mr Atkison drove his car powered by same quite alot and at least the engine held up to what did.

          27 days ago
      • I think you can just deduct 20-30 percent of the McLaren F1s specs and I guess you can conclude with this guy considering brick like aerodynamics and weight

          27 days ago
    • A match made in heaven

        28 days ago
    • Any photos ?

        22 days ago


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