This Honda actually has a Spoon engine - and you have to buy it

The NSX-R GT is every Honda fan's dream

3y ago

There are few road cars that shout motorsport like the roof scoop-dominated Honda NSX-R GT. It ticks the ultimate petrolhead box of being a homologation special, designed to comply with the Super GT rules for racing. And now one of these JDM icons is up for sale in the ultimate spec possible.

This 2007 car has been tuned by the legendary Honda specialists Spoon and sports the company's striking yellow and blue livery. According to BHauction, the car has been engined swapped, originally racing with a tuned naturally aspirated V6 (280PS) but later switching to a heavily turbocharged unit producing 550PS.

Only five road-going NSX-R GTs ever made it to production to match the homologation standards and sold for over £300,000 each back in 2005. Based off of the lightened NSX-R, the GT was only different aesthetically, using carbon fibre reinforced bumpers and aerodynamic modifications like the roof scoop.

Spoon took this car racing in the Macau Road Sports Challenge, the modified car competition. Due to mechanical failures using the naturally aspirated V6, Spoon subsequently replaced the engine with a modified turbocharged unit which is apparently still in 'race-ready condition'.

It also features strengthened pistons and conrods, leading to the scope for serious horsepower gains. The compression ratio was lowered in place of higher boost pressure, resulting in the 500bhp+ power output.

The NSX-R GT is due to sell for between 13.5-18.5 million Yen (£89,000-£122,000) and is being sold in the same auction as a Spoon Honda S2000, making the Tokyo Auto Salon duo about as coveted as JDM machinery can get. It doesn't come with three T66 turbos with NOS...and a Motec system exhaust, but we aren't complaining.

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  • This is one of those rare investment opportunities like what has passed most by. Like buying a Ferrari 308 or air cooled Porche in the 90's for $30k. These will be worth a ton. 10X the investment or more in 10 years or less 😁

      3 years ago
  • Weird that it lost value, most limited edition cars rise in value

      3 years ago
    • It’ll rise as time goes on and cars get crashed or lost.

        3 years ago
    • I'd say there are a few factors there Rocco. It's a race car for a start. Unless they're attached to a famous driver or era they tend to be less valued than the equivalent road car.

      Is it an actual Honda supplied road homologation NSX-R GT, or is...

      Read more
        3 years ago
  • Damn this is actually relatively cheap for that car. Fantastic thing! Promoted to Best of Classics :)

      3 years ago
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      3 years ago
  • Oh the things I would do to drive this

      3 years ago