This Household Product May Not Be The Best For Your Vehicle

If you like to wash your car in your driveway like me, you are going to want to listen up.

If you like to wash your car in your driveway like me, you are going to want to listen up. I really like to wash my car in my driveway because its free and I can do a much better job than what I do at a car wash. I did not invest much into my makeshift car wash. I would simply use some dish soap, the hose, a car wash brush, and a nice towel.

I soon realized that I should not have been using Dawn Dish Soap and here's why: That dish soap really does what the commercial says it does! It can wash oil out of duck feathers (never tried it, but I believe it) and it can de-stick just about anything. Including the wax that I put on my car. Every season I buff and wax my car to keep the paint nice and shiny, but what I didn't know is that after that 4-5 hours of buffing and waxing to make it shiny, it would take a 10 minute car wash and some dish soap to take it off. The soap would cut into the wax and clean my car right to the clear coat on the paint.

This last week we were putting decals on the T-100 that is the picture for the Must Have Tools For Wrapping a Car article, and we wanted to use water and soap so that we could adjust the decals in case we made a mistake after applying them. The Dawn soap made it so the stickers wouldn't stick to the truck. After a few attempt we were fed up, so we tried it without the Dawn and instantly they stuck better.

My advice is to avoid using Dawn soap on your vehicle, but it does have one really good use when it comes to your vehicle. Brake dust is the absolute worst thing to clean off, it builds up on your rims from braking and it is always in the places that are hard to get at. Dawn soap actually works really well to clean it off! The best part is that when you are cleaning your rims you want to have them clean down to the surface, then you can polish them and keep them nice and shiny.

That is our experience with Dawn Dish Soap. It is actually really good stuff that will cut the grease and grime off anything just as advertised! It will also cut through some of the protectants on your paint which is not great.

If you wash your car not at a car wash like I do, make sure you invest in it more than I did. If you want to check out our DIY Car Washing Kit we put together, follow this link.

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  • I'd read once that dish soap also pulls some of the oils/chemicals out of your clear coat over time. Not sure if it's true, but I avoid dishsoap when car cleaning.

      1 month ago