- Image: Matthew Riese via eBay

This hovercraft looks like a floating DeLorean and is now up for sale

Matthew Riese has put his hovercraft up for sale on eBay and to give it a boost, he posted a new video on YouTube, showing the floating DeLorean in action. Ten percent of the price scored on eBay will be donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research.

In 2008, "Back to the Future" fan Matthew started his DeLorean hovercraft project in his garage in San Francisco. Using fibreglass and polystyrene, he replicated the look of his favourite time machine and sculpted it around a very customised Universal Hovercraft UH-13PT. A 23 hp industrial engine drives the big rear fan that pushes the vehicle forward and a 190cc engine turns the fan that provides the lifting.

After two years of work, Matthew launched a funding page on KickStarter with the goal to raise $5,500 to be able to finish the project. He promised a ride over San Francisco Bay in the 31 mph fast vehicle, for everyone who donated at least $50.

Image: Matthew Riese via YouTube

Matthew indeed finished his work and is since riding his DeLorean hovercraft at San Francisco's coast.

But now he has put together an eBay advert to trade his workmanship for at least 45,000 dollars.


To make it good value, he renewed almost every moving bit on the hovercraft, including waterproof wiring of new switches and new, stronger rudders. Also, the bodywork got a makeover with patched fibreglass delamination and a fresh coat of metallic paint to mimic the stainless steel.

In his advert, he tells the potential buyer what he learned during his six years of hovering and gives handy tips about the limitations of the floating DeLorean.

The description also includes a heartwarming statement: "This craft has given me the time of my life, so many amazing memories, new friendships, and opportunities, and I’m excited to see what it can do for you!"

Image: Matthew Riese via eBay

Now, it is your turn!