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This Hummer H2 is mounted on tiny 13-inch wheels

And the result is very special...

48w ago

The Hummer H2 is the first passenger vehicle of the American brand after the H1 initially intended for the army. To make it more modern, the H2 gets a more modern bodywork with less aggressive rounded corners. The interior has undergone the same treatment, being more comfortable than the one of the H1.

Obviously, like any other SUV, the H2 is mounted on large wheels with high sidewall off-road tires. Now, why not just replace those big wheels with much smaller ones? For example, let's go for 13-inch tires on the huge H2 and see the result.

That's Garage 54's crazy idea. To tell the truth, we're no longer very surprised by their creations since they've already brought out an 8-wheeled Fiat Panda or a perfect replica of the Tesla Cybertruck. To put 13-inch wheels on the H2, they had to make several technical modifications as the video shows.

With such a configuration, we don't even dare to imagine the handling of the three-ton machine, camped on tiny 175/70 R13 wheels. We even wonder how long the tires will support this weight before bursting. What about a little ride around the Nürburgring in this H2?

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