This hypebeast turned her Porsche into an off-white piece

Kaya's Off-White Porsche

2y ago

Kaya aka QueenOfGowns describes herself as a hypebeast, copping the latest sneaker releases and the exclusive clothing which goes with it. But her passion does not just stop there but instead it's shown on her car too. Previously rocking a Bape wrap on her Porsche Panamera, she decided it was time for a change. It was time to off-white her Porsche. So that being said I asked her few questions:

What made you choose this wrap

I chose the Off-White wrap because its a brand I love, in most of my photos and video you’ll see me wearing an Off-White mask. I admire Virgil Abloh’s vision and fashion. I love the unique design of his brand. Before the Off-White wrap I had a half Bape (a Bathing Ape) half satin black wrap on my Porsche Panamera Turbo.

Why the Panamera?

I chose the Porsche Panamera Turbo because it delivers a good amount of power and has 4 doors and seats, which is important to me. Plus I'm a big fan of Porsche in general. My dream car is the Porsche Carrera GT. I'm sure many enthusiasts will agree that it is a masterpiece.

What’s the reaction you get whilst driving

As you will see in our latest video on Kol & Kaya - When I drive my car, the reaction I get from people is very positive and surprising. Those that know what the wrap means in the hypebeast community, usually go crazy and start taking photos of the car, stop me for a chat and ask me questions.

What is a hypebeast

Why do I wrap my cars like this? Simply put I enjoy the community of hypebeasts and consider myself one too. A Hypebeast is someone who follows streetwear trends and and collect exclusive items from brands like Supreme, Off—White , Bape etc.

What two car and fashion brands should collab together?

I would love to see Supreme doing a collaboration with Ferrari, just because Supreme’s famous Box logo (aka the Bogo) is similarly designed to Ferrari's famous red paint on their cars.

Check out the Kol & Kaya Off-white Porsche Panamera video below

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  • That’s so cool

      5 months ago
  • The hypebeasts annoy me, everyone loves to have nice things. But no-one needs to be reminded that that you has these things every spare second.

      2 years ago