T​his is a supercar you might not have known until now

M​ade in Portugal

Supercars, we all know Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and today I'll tell you about the Vinci GT, a forgotten Portuguese supercar.

The GT was presented in 2007 in a near-production stage, it had the V8 from a Corvette, was capable of hitting a top speed of 318 km/h, and had the design inspired on supercars of the 1960s and 70s.

Those were good but Vinci was asking around 200 to 300 thousand euros for a GT, which was more money than a Ferrari at the time, for a car that had a similar interior to a Corvette and drove just like one.

A​s a result, the car was heavily criticized for not driving all that well, for the 4-speed automatic gearbox, and for costing way more than a Corvette did, so the car was forgotten and never went to production.

V​inci Sport

P​hoto via LusoMotors.com

P​hoto via LusoMotors.com

L​ater on Vinci made another attempt at launching a car, it was called the sport and was based on a Lotus Elise. The prototype had the design inspired on the Ferrari Dino and has been to a few different car shows, but nothing else was heard of it since 2013, and that's all I have to tell.

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