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This is by far the funniest video about the Cybertruck

Try not to laugh!

1y ago

In addition to generating countless controversies in the real world, the Cybertruck is even more targeted on social networks where creators of memes and videos compete in ingenuity to always surprise us! Some people compare the Cybertruck, for example, to a fume hood. Even Lego added his own touch by comparing the Tesla pickup truck to a Lego brick!

If some creations stand out thanks to their particularly offbeat humour, others manage to fall into another category! The video of the youtuber Grandayy is largely part of this second category. The 33-second sequence features the Cybertruck and the FlexGlue liquid glue.

At first glance, this duo may seem inappropriate, but Grandayy mixes the two products with brio. At first, the famous Phil Swift, known for his unusual demonstrations with the FlexGlue, started dumping metal bars with his mini excavator. He then began to assemble everything with the FlexGlue to make what he called a FlexGlue monster 4x4!

The rest speaks for itself. The new vehicle assembled with the FlexGlue starts running at full speed on a track. Then comes the strength test where the presenter shoots a ball with a huge cannon. The ball hits the Cybertruck's glass, leaving an apparent impact. Phil does say that there was some damage...

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