This is desert street scene!

Who we are and what we do for the community.

Desert Street Scene was founded on the idea of creating a safe environment for the automotive enthusiasts of the greater Phoenix area to showcase their passion for all of their very unique vehicles. We are dedicated to the community whether it be import tuners, domestic muscle machines, lifted trucks or two wheel monsters we cater to everything you enjoy about our local Arizona desert streets.

I'm a crazy car guy. I've got an airplane hangar full of cars.

Paul Walker

If your a car guy, or car girl, then you share with us the love in creating a magnificent work of art that we can not only enjoy by gazing upon but also by the excitement of driving. It is this level of passion that we have come to see not only in our own local community but also in our travels to various events out of state. The desire to modify our vehicles and take what was a great piece of machinery and create something out of it to display a little glimpse of ourselves is what drives each and every one of us.

To see more about us and what we do head on over to Facebook and Instagram @DesertStreetScene and be sure to also check out our website at for media content from a variety of events as well as automotive spotlight articles on some great local rides. As always remember to stay safe out there and leave the racing for the track.

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