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This is how a car dealership in North Korea looks like

Asian cars and actors

4w ago

North Korea is an extremely closed country and probably one of the most secret destinations in the world. Nevertheless, it is possible to visit the territory as a tourist under very strict conditions. As a general rule, trips are led by specialized guides and remain limited to the capital Pyongyang.

Youtuber Erick Tseng had the opportunity to enter a car dealership in the city to see what models are offered to North Korean citizens. The exhibition hall is particularly small and the vehicles are parked next to each other without being especially well presented.

Concerning the cars, there are mainly Korean and Chinese vehicles like a Kia Sorento SUV and a SAIC Maxus minibus. The other cars seem to be rebadged Chinese models. As for the customers, there are about ten of them in the room, observing the cars on display.

Except that these customers are most probably actors playing their roles to perfection in order to show the dynamism of the garage to the tourists. Unfortunately, it is certain that no one can buy these vehicles. And anyway, 99.99% of North Koreans don't have a car because they don't have enough money to own one.

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Comments (8)

  • It looks like that place is the dealership for Pheonghwa Motors Corporation (PMC) cars. That Sorento-ish car is actually a Chinese car, Huanghai Landscape F1. Most of the cars produced by PMC are originally from Chinese auto manufacturers, while some are by Italians (Fiat) and Koreans (SsangYong).

    Car is a very expensive and rare product in North Korea to this day, but the sales of PMC actually has been constantly increasing, because PMC sells cars that are bundled with license plates. Since license plate is a very hard thing to get in North Korea, it seems that the popularity of PMC won't die down for a long time.

    Btw, PMC is the only company that has billboards throughout the NK.

      1 month ago
  • I’m surprised they let people buy cars.

      1 month ago
  • I thought I was the only one that got this on my Youtube recommended lol

      29 days ago
  • Who will be able to afford one of these

      28 days ago
  • It seems like they only sell one kind of brand of cars in North Korea

    Quite a dark place

      28 days ago