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This is how a Tesla Model 3 kept up with a Porsche.

Not everything is perfect. But with certain aspects perfection can definitely be achieved.

A few days back, Misha Charoudin, a very interesting youtuber who drives cars on the Nurburgring, drove the Tesla Model 3 around the track and this is what happened. I will put the link down below. This "normal" electric family saloon, if equipped with the performance package can do 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. And it being electric will of course give instantaneous torque. So, naturally in the straights it kept up with a 911 GT3. But when it comes to the corners, the 911 left the Tesla behind.

The problem

You see, many people think that outright straight line acceleration is more than enough for a car to be coined "FAST". But only a few car nerds and racers know that a FAST car needs to stop at some point. This Tesla had this very problem. The brakes were ridiculous and going 200+ KMPH is not going to help if you can't slow down the car FAST enough to approach a corner.

Now let's get to the heating problem. Here I have to give Tesla appreciation for managing the heat problem since this Model 3 managed to complete the lap. Previous Tesla Model S couldn't complete the lap due to battery over heating and that is not good news for either being a sports car or a family saloon. Keeping aside the over heating of the brakes, there is another aspect that Tesla should have added since this is the "PERFORMANCE" package.


Yes, at first glance this car looks like it can cut through air very easily. But can it be planted to the ground by the same air that flows around it? NO. If this is a performance car then there should be some aero parts added with it. That will probably help a little through the corners and help the car maintain it's speed through the corners. It does carry some weight, 1830 kilos to be exact. But that's fine for a family saloon with all the creature comforts and yet can still hit 100 KMPH in 3.2 seconds. Now here comes the good part.


For a car that kept up with a Porsche that costs around $180,000 it's fantastic. The Model 3 only costs $56,000 and that's for the PERFORMANCE package. Now, I know it's a bit late, but I have now realized the potential of electric cars and since it's the inevitable future, the future doesn't look that bad too.


So that's my view on electric cars. If Tesla is going to give a performance version they should not only give it powerful motors but also excellent brakes and aerodynamic aid too. A reasonable price would be around $70,000 for my version of the Tesla Model 3 Performance which is in the range of the C8 corvette but if it can keep up with a Porsche my money is on the Tesla.

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