T​his is how the Jensen Interceptor would look if it was built in 2019

A​ccording to Photoshop

1y ago

T​he Jensen Interceptor, made in 1996, is the perfect example of what Italian coach building and British luxury can do. Loved by the Grand Tour Trio, the clean lines of this 2+2 Coupe start at the quad headlights and finally end at the large rear greenhouse. This car gave companies like Aston Martin a headache. Unfortunately though it has not survived till today, but now, it has got a remake.

P​hotshop artist and Youtuber Sketch Monkey has used his Photoshop magic on the Interceptor and given us a 2019 remake. While the whole coach builded body is not touched, Sketch Monkey has smoothened the car at various places and given it some cool new tail lights. Not a bad way to remember a unique car.

W​hat do you think of the 2019 remake of the Jensen Interceptor? Let me know in the comments

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