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This is how to use your sports car to carry a Christmas tree

From my little known knowledge of aerodynamics - it increases drag.

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There are three things that are 'must haves' at this festive time of year. First, a Christmas tree, second, lots of gifts, and finally verging on too much food to eat. The first on this list is sometimes a difficult for purchase for many, as transporting our needled friends can be quite the task.

However there is no excuse for not getting the tree home, especially after this supercar owner found the best way to get the tree home on his sportscar.

Posted to Reddit by Satnerd76

Posted to Reddit by Satnerd76

The owner of this Verydor G35 realised that there was no way their 2019 Christmas tree was fitting inside the car, so what better place to attach it than to strap it to the wing of your car. Dampening downforce levels and lowering that top speed is probably not an issue when trying to deliver one of the most iconic parts of Christmas.

Despite running the risk of damaging the car and/or the tree, I don't think there are any laws that would stop someone from doing this. I suppose you could ask a friend to help, or maybe buy a re-usable plastic tree, but they're never quite the same as a proper fir.

Is this the most fun way to take your Christmas tree home?

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  • Verydor or Vaydor 35?

      1 year ago
  • This is brilliant!

      1 year ago
  • Who said supercars aren't practical??

      1 year ago
    • Those people don’t understand the unspoken potentials of them

        1 year ago
  • This is just a joke? Such behaviour is suicidal? (Sorry..... )

      1 year ago