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This is how you can make a Porsche 992 like the GT model Porsches

Without any aftermarket parts and with a manual transmission...

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The Porsche 911 (992) is a brilliant car, actually it is a mathematically perfect car. The 992 generation of the 911 currently has its GT cars in development. But, you might want a GT3RS that belongs to 992 generation and that model could come mid to late next year and get delivered in about 6 months after that. Until that time you could get the 992 with a lot of track-like abilities from Porsche itself.

...AeroKit - sport design option with a spoiler...

This comes thanks to their option called Aerokit. It is available on all 992 models of the Carrera range, coupe versions only. The Aerokit includes SportDesign front apron with front spoiler and rear apron in distinctive design. The significant change is the rear spoiler with a fixed wing profile. The third brake light that is in the middle of the rear slats, is now integrated into the spoiler. This option costs $6,910, which is quite good because it is by Porsche and does not void your warranty. That is a win-win in my books.

Just, having the Aerokit is a good option itself, but, how do you get to it to look like the GT spec Porsche? Well here are a few more options to help out. Note: This is without including the paint and interior leather choices.

You select the RS Spyder Design Wheels, the carbon fibre roof, carbon fibre mirror housings, get the sport package which includes sport exhaust system, sport chrono pack and Pasm sport suspension that lowers the car by 1 cm and lastly you get the Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes, because GT cars have them so you opt for them there. To the interior the only option I would say to get is the Carbon Fibre Trim and thats it.

..Yes, Manual transmission is a possiblity..

Now, this is a bonus option if you are a "Purist", you don't opt for the sport package instead you get Sport Package i.c.w. Manual Transmission. The manual transmission is only available on the Carrera S and 4S models, but, this option of the manual transmission is cheaper than the regular Sport Package by $2,070. Here, is how the car will look with the Aerokit and all the above options including the manual transmission. Note: I have not selected the paint and interior leather and other options because I want to show you how the options look. I have selected the 4S model because I like it.

Now these are the base options that I recommend to get along with the Aerokit. There are two performance options that you can get according your wants and needs - rear wheel steering to help go around corners faster and the front axle lift system.

I thought I should show you how I would get my 911 (992) Carrera 4S with the paint and leather options as well. I have selected Aventurine Green metallic paint with model designation on the door in Aurum it looks good. On the interior Truffle Brown Interior including the seat belts. Got the tachometer dial and sport chrono watch dial in white. On the seats and centre console got Porsche crest and model number respectively. Lastly, Carbon fibre steering wheel. The only performance option I added was the rear wheel steering.

..it is a brilliant alternative..

This is a brilliant alternative for people who are waiting for the 992 Gen 911 GT3RS because on this you get aero efficiency of the Porsche GT cars, with some performance options and similar looks. On the inside the comfort and style of the 992 Carrera models. The big bonus is the Manual transmission which comes with the Carrera S and 4S, but, if you don't get manual transmission you get the PDK transmission as stock which is a very good transmission itself. The bonus is you get all this from Porsche no aftermarket company and you do not void your warranty to get these upgrades.

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  • To me Areokit is too much, something suptle like Ducktail spoiler combined with plaid interior would be much nicer.

      1 year ago