- Screenshot of nhlcoverage's Instagram Post

This is how you leave a note when you cannot afford to pay for damage

6d ago


My instagram feed featured a funny story and then the same as a post. It first showed as a instagram story by Tyler Seguin, if you don't know who Tyler Seguin is, I will tell you - A NHL player (pro ice-hockey). It later tuned into a post by nhlcoverage.

Tyler in his story had shown a picture of a note left on his car. The note reads "Sorry I just hitted your car My bad bro. I dont have money to pay" I know a guy who will love this grammar. This was followed by a line "Monday with the facepalm emoji". The car in question is Tyler's white Ferrari 458.

Screenshot of nhlcoverage's Instagram Post

This has to the best honest note ever left on a car, but the person left no name, no contact number and no insurance information. I would have just loved to know who left the note and thank them for their honesty, but I can think of a reason why the note featured no personal information - Ferrari's are super expensive to fix, forget maintenance costs.

I do feel bad that a Ferrari got hurt, but I would love to know the author of this note, just to let them know that it is the most honest note that was left on the windshield ever.

To the readers, if you ever do something like this please at least leave your first name, it seems more polite.

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