This is our first look at the next gen Golf interior

1w ago


At its annual shareholders' meeting VW released our first ever look inside the Mark 8 Golf.

In a very Mercedesque manner the central infotainment screen appears to connect with the digital driver's display. The steering wheel appears slimmer and more streamlined with what looks like touch-screen controls.

The reductionist style continues throughout the rest of the centre console, with but a few physical buttons left, instead the space is taken up by an enormous air vent which seems to run nearly the full length of the dash.

The gear lever (on the automatic) seems to have been reduced in size in a similar fashion as the latest BMWs, Volvos or well any modern car really. There is the fairly common storage box under the centre console and another wacky looking bit of storage to the right of the gear lever and parking brake button.

Interestingly there doesn't appear to be any little knob that could be used to control traditional door mirrors like in the MK7. However, the screens seem perfectly suited for mirror replacing rear-cameras, a piece tech of tech that's already in use within the VW Group. That's however pure speculation from my point of view, and if ever possible it would likely be a very expensive option for the rather utilitarian Golf.

Comapring it to the MK7

On the outside:

There is also this sketch showing the exterior, but really with the number of spy shots that had come out over the past year, it's nothing new.

The MK8 appears to follow the same trend Ford did with their new Focus, it looks similar to the previous generation but angrier with wraparound headlights, slooping roofline and overall lower stance.

Nice but no revolution.

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