This Is Probably The Tesla Semi Truck

It's very...silver

3y ago

Elon Musk has been letting information about Tesla's new semi truck slowly dribble out over the past few months, going so far as to confirm a tentative reveal date later in October. Images have been extremely scarce, but for one very moody-looking picture straight from Tesla which shows a reasonably standard, sharp-looking cab and little else.

Thanks to Reddit, though, we just got a really solid look at the truck itself:

Since the truck's range will probably be around 250 miles, there don't seem to be any sleeping facilities, unlike some long-range diesel rigs that can sleep a couple people. One thing to note is the silver object on the ground at the left; Reddit commenters have surmised that it's a fairing which snaps on to the top of the cab to improve aerodynamics. One enterprising Redditor visualized the truck with the fairing on, and the results are undoubtedly close to Tesla's press photo, marker lights and all:

Nobody will know for sure until the end of the month, but it seems for now that we have a pretty good idea of how the truck is going to look. While it's not quite as exciting as the impending large-scale rollout of the Model 3, fleet sales and shipping are a pretty vast market that Tesla would do well to tap. Tesla hasn't issued any takedown requests yet, so stay tuned for more details.

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