T​his Is the All-New Ford Mustang Mach-E

Ford has their sights on Tesla with this one

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O​n Sunday, November 17, Ford unveiled its Tesla competitor: The “Mustang Mach-E”. Ford’s latest endeavor takes Tesla’s Model Y head-on, with prices starting right at $44,000 (USD). The Mach-E, based off of what was shown and given to the press, has serious potential of taking market share from Tesla in the crossover segment.

T​here are 2 key factors that must be taken into consideration to make sure that an EV can be considered good. The first factor is range. The Mach-E gets two options for battery size, a 75 kWh and a 100 kWh, which, depending on the configuration, can get you anywhere between 210 to 300 miles per charge. This puts it head-on with competition like the Tesla Model Y and the Kia e-Niro. Those batteries also allow for a 0-60 time of anywhere from 3.5 to 6.7 seconds, depending on the model and battery configuration.

The next biggest concern/factor for EVs is charging and charging infrastructure. Ford says that they will offer a home charging station as an option, which will provide an estimated 32 miles of range per hour. Additionally, they have partnered with IONITY, Amazon, and PlugShare to make sure you always have fast, convenient charging wherever you go. DC Fast Charging comes standard on every Mach-E, with 150 kW of peak charging power. Ford has said that it will reach 80% within an estimated 38 minutes while connected to DC power.

Ford is giving Tesla a run for their money on the interior as well. The most apparent thing in the interior is the massive, portrait orientation 15.5-inch display. It’s a very “Tesla-esque“ interior, with there being very minimal buttons and LCD’s virtually everywhere. However, the interior isn’t quite as spartan as the Model Y. There’s an actual dashboard with an instrument cluster, and the GT models get stitching available in several different colors. It seems like a very nice place to be.

T​he Mach-E interior is very Tesla-esque but maintains some familiarity

Personally, I think the Mach-E is a very handsome SUV. It has swift body lines and doesn’t seem to mimic the exterior design of any other car on the market other than that of it’s older two-door brother. The front end is beautifully designed, maintaining that iconic grille design we all know and love, but at the same time making it distinctively its own. The back is very familiar, with the iconic taillights and the Mustang logo front and center. It’s a familiar yet refreshing design.

The most controversial aspect of the car was the name, “Mustang”. Time will tell if it’s worthy of being given such a name, but as of right now, it does seem like a bit of a bad decision. Calling it just the “Ford Mach-E” would’ve been fine in my opinion. I suppose they wanted it to appeal to those who have been forced to give up their two-door by their significant other in favor of more practicality. Regardless, I feel as if the decision should’ve been a very long and thought out one. At the same time, I feel as if Ford did not have a choice but to make an SUV version of the Mustang. The United States’ love of SUV’s means the market share is shifting from things such as small coupés. It’s possible Ford had to make an SUV version in order to keep the demand for the Mustang up. In the end, it’s time that will tell us if the Mach-E is worthy of being called a ”Mustang”.

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