This is the Ares Panther - a modern De Tomaso Pantera with a V10

1y ago


Having a bit of a dodgy Tuesday morning? Well if anything can sort you out, it should be a bespoke Italian supercar. And this Modena-based stunner will definitely fit the bill.

It's manufactured by a small automaker called Ares Design which is headed by ex-Lotus boss Dany Bahar, with the car being named the Ares Panther. Using a Lamborghini Huracan as a base, the aesthetic takes multiple design cues from the De Tomaso Pantera of the 1970s.

The Pantera was the mainstay of the De Tomaso firm from 1971, with the company sadly giving in to bankruptcy in 2015. Project Panther should therefore act as a well-earned continuation of the timeless design whilst updating it with one of the most capable powertrains in the supercar market.

Like the Pantera, it features a set of pop-up headlights and a set of sharp rear buttresses that sit either side of the Lambo-sourced V10. The classically proportioned car hasn't had any performance figures attributed to it yet but it can be assumed that the Huracan engine will be upgraded mechanically to produce more than the standard 572bhp.

Aiming to become a world leader in bespoke automotive engineering, Ares Design is also diving into projects with Mercedes G-Class and Bentley Mulsanne models, although each project will be ultra low volume due to the complexity of the coachbuilding process and to keep customer exclusivity as a priority.

The Pirelli P-Zero rubber also features the same tyre stickering as current F1 tyres - a nice touch.

The price of the Panther has not yet been disclosed but it is safe to assume that figures around the £500,000 mark could be applicable. But out of the world of bespoke supercars, would this take your fancy? Or would you go down the restomod route of Singer or Eagle? Comment with your thoughts below!

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