- Images: Mercedes

This Is The Brand-New Mercedes CLS (And Its Brand-New Straight-Six Engine)

1y ago


For far too long, BMW has been pretty much the only mainstream brand that continually updates and produces straight-six engines. But back in October of last year, Mercedes announced they would be bringing back their iconic straight-six engines and dispersing them throughout their lineup. The new six debuted on the S-Class earlier this year, but didn't make that much power and wasn't available in hybrid form, therefore leaving the S-Class's octogenarian clientele to ignore it buy whichever trim was the most expensive.

But in the new CLS, that engine is finally getting the tech it deserves, and it comes in the form an electric motor. Not only will the car be available as a 48-volt hybrid, but the 3.0L mill's turbochargers are also electrically assisted--meaning they can now spin up as fast as you can put your foot down, which Mercedes argues will all but eliminate turbo lag.

All this electric witchery means that the car will probably produce anywhere between 350 and 550 horsepower, which is considerably more than the company's current V6. Then again, that V6 is basically a Chrysler Pentastar that the Germans breathed on then shoved into an M-Class, so the bar isn't very high.

Sadly, the new CLS's styling is pretty lackluster. In the press photos, which were accidentally leaked then deleted by some Australians at Motoring, the car's matte gray paint job only accentuates its blobbish, committee-designed styling. Which is a crying shame, because the first-generation CLS was one of the greatest-looking sedans in recent memory. Not great for the rear-seat passengers' headroom, of course, but great for my desktop wallpaper.

The new CLS, complete with that gorgeous interior (Did I not mention that? Probably because it's exactly the same as every other new Mercedes interior) will be stalking the parking lots of your nearest business park sometime next year. I can't wait to hear that engine.


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