This is the car Richard Hammond drives every day!

It definitely isn't Oliver...

13w ago


Watch Richard Hammond's new show here.

Watch Richard Hammond's new show here!

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You may think that Hammond daily drives his Mustang, or even his lockdown Tesla Model X. But if you have watched the first episode of his new show on discovery+, you'll know that he kicks about in something much more agricultural. And like all daily drivers, it has started to accumulate a frightening amount of Hammond-family detritus. Expect to see a lot of this car on the channel in the coming weeks!

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Comments (8)

  • Nice 👍. I have always fancy a Defender. My daily driver is actually very organized as I have a humongous OCD. Too bad I can't watch The Smallest Cog because I spend to much money on my car stuff my mom would let me spend on more...😮‍💨

      2 months ago
  • That is such a beautiful truck. But man he needs to clear it out! Captain Slow is seething at the state of the interior. The air vents aren't even lined up and might even have dust!

      2 months ago
  • Sorry Richard, can’t agree. I love my motor, and it’s got to be tidy. Apart from everything else, I hate wasting time looking for things that are not where they are meant to be. I live just down the road in Ross - come and look at a tidy car and place. And garage.

      2 months ago
  • Mine has waterproof coat and trousers. Thermal coat.




    First aid kit.

    Personal meds kit.

    2 hats, 3 caps.



      2 months ago
    • I found 3 new umbrellas buried in the back and underage passenger seat everytime one got lost (it was in the car) i bought a new one and a shit ton of bottles which when I stopped near a recycle bin and started chucking heaps of bottles a lady...

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        2 months ago
    • It’s amazing what can get lost in the back of a car lol

        2 months ago
  • Well inside my daily drive which is a Volvo FH I have clothes towls and bedding for a week. food including 7 cans of soup which is difficalt as during the lockdown i tryed to buy myself 4 cans of soup and was told i can only have two as apperantly four is panic buying. Some plasic plates and bowls and not plastc knife fork and spoon. A big philips hgv map showing all low bridges with waight and width restrictions, A to Z of most the uk citys and a car sat nav. Inflatable girl friend, tool set, tyre inflation kit and a bloody big tow strap. Many straps and ratchet straps for the load, spare Oil and engine coolant. Trailer door lock, Plenty of coffee and tea bags with a 24v kettle. A 2D cell mag lite torch with rechargable batterys. Alot of pens, Inflatable mechanic, Loads of spare bulbs, fuses and spare leads for the trailer. Jump Leads, Queen live at wembley CD (yes i'm still on cd's) Lots of soup cups and a Greggs reusable coffee cup. A brush, Some cleaning stuff, A small brick type thing which keeps ringing then an angry voice shouts at me becouse i'm not there yet, Inflatable Unicorn, a roll of shrink rap, An emergancy bottle, (Don't ask), Zip ties, duct tape and Inflatable sheep. A big hammer and a long leverage bar. A defect reporting book. A months supply of cheese and crackers, (Cheese must be red leicester) with a jar of Branston pickle. A folder full of delivery notes, Aclip board full of parking and toll road receipts. Instructions on how to drive a lorry. Two cameras my Soni w300i and my gopro 5 black with a tripod, Stash of classic tractor and land rover mags. A hard hat and high vis jackets so i'm not killed, A stationary model live steam engine that i'm currently building, (well it will be live when i've finished it). A plastic 20L water canister, (For both drinking and the steam engine), and a set of overalls, I only have the one pair though.

      2 months ago