T​his is the Elektron Quasar

I​t is a 2,300bhp EV hypercar from Germany

8w ago

T​here are many EV hypercars with around 2,000bhp today. The Aspark Owl, Rimac C Two and Lotus Evija spring to mind. However now some Germans have decided that 300bhp more was what was needed to perfect the recipe.

The car tasked with doing that is called the Elektron Quasar and this is the second model in the pipeline for the company after the Elektron One which will have 1,000bhp less. That car was due to be revealed in Geneva this year but that obviously won’t happen and the car has been postponed.

T​he power for the Quasar will come from 4 electric motors-one on each wheel. This will also allow torque vectoring to control the power and aid cornering.

H​ow fast will that power propel the 1,500kg(estimated) Quasar? 1.65 seconds to 60 and a top speed of 280mph. The top speed is limited to that figure electronically.

H​ow much for this lunacy? £1.6 million. Only 99 of them are planned and they will be built over a 3 year production span which is starting in 2023.

O​nly problem is that is this genuine? We have never seen a product from them before so we can only wait and see.

A​re you excited?

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Comments (12)

  • Front end look like a redesigned regera

      1 month ago
  • Nope. It'll be mind-bogglingly quick (surprise, surprise) but lack the soul and passioon you get from say, an Aventador SVJ.

      1 month ago
  • It sounds like a wishlist of the biggest and best numbers they could come up with lmao. Modern EV hypercar companies now are what British sports car companies were in the 60, they were a dime a dozen and many didn't even make it to production

      1 month ago
  • Looks cool but I don't care, the Rimac and Lotus are interesting but the others I don't care about. I wouldn't want to own any of them, they are too powerful and too heavy but the tech is exciting.

      1 month ago
    • My big concern is the fact that they have no experience so might not know what they are doing

        1 month ago
    • Maybe, it is likely, or they could be another Rimac

        1 month ago
  • Oh no! Koenigsegg has called to pay for their design!

      1 month ago