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This is the first 3-wheeled Pagani Zonda!

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Three-wheeled vehicles are generally an ideal crossover between cars and motorcycles. These machines, which are quite rare on our roads, have as many fans as detractors. These vehicles are above all highly appreciated for their somewhat spectacular and particularly exotic style.

Some play the sportiness register like the radical Polaris Sligshot while others prefer to stay on the retro style like the irresistible Morgan 3-Wheeler. The sensations offered by these vehicles are logically halfway between those of the motorcycle and those of the car. The compromise found is therefore ideal for those who cannot choose between their motorcycle and their car.

However, some have chosen an even more radical solution, as this crazy creation shows. To stand out from his friends, an Arab millionaire decided to buy a three-wheeled Pagani Zonda! It's the crazy crossover between three-wheeled cars and one of the most incredible supercars of its time. Have we reached the best of both worlds with this?

Unfortunately, only three images of poor quality allow us to appreciate this remarkable work. It is by no means a photomontage, the Zonda you have before you is real and seems based on the T-REX which is not a fierce dinosaur but a famous three-wheeled vehicle. The completely modified bodywork has been grafted with various body panels of the Zonda replicated to scale. The interior, with its fluorescent green accents, looks just as extravagant as the exterior.

Absurdity or masterpiece? It's up to you to choose!

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Comments (40)
  • Neither Absurd nor masterpiece. Not my cup of tea but I am sure the owner loves it and kudos for that.

    4 days ago
    14 Bumps
  • Colour is wrong. It needs to be all matt black, then parked in a deep, deep mine.

    Then it would look alright.

    4 days ago
    7 Bumps


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