This is the Fresco Reverie: a 186 mph EV made in Norway

6w ago


The EV revolution may have only recently begun in certain regions but there is one country where electric vehicles are already outselling both hybrids and petrol/diesel cars, and that’s Norway. Well, after buying EVs made by other people, the people of Norway have decided to try and build their own car. It’s called the Fresco Reverie, it is an all-electric 4-door saloon and it looks Tesla-ish.

There are a couple of reasons why Norwegians buy more EVs per capita than anybody else. While EVs are heavily incentivized by the government, they are exempt from several fees and taxes including VAT, if you want to buy a vehicle with an old-fashioned internal combustion engine under the bonnet, you’re going to have to pay fantastically high taxes. When I travelled to Oslo in the Summer of 2016, I visited a Ford dealership and discovered that the price for an all-new Mustang was around €110,000. Cars are taxed according to weight and size and some cars are subject to a quite frankly unbelievable 100 % tax.

That’s too much, if you ask me, but the people of Norway seem to love their hefty taxes so there you go. Let’s talk about the car.

Fresco Motors say the Reverie is capable of a top speed of 186 mph and it accelerates from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds. It also comes with a 4-speed transmission with override, which is a novelty because EVs actually have no gearbox, that allows you to select how much power you want. The battery pack includes modular Lithium-ION batteries so when the batteries die you won’t have to replace the whole thing, just the modules. They are also working on a portable emergency battery, kinda like jerrycans, which owners could use in case of, well, emergencies.

Fresco wouldn’t disclose any information about pricing or equipment but the Reverie looks promising and I’m actually curious to know how the 4-speed transmission thingy works.

In the meantime, if you’re thinking about travelling to Norway for the Summer, then by all means do, just remember to allocate a bigger budget than usual. Salmon’s good, though.

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