This is the Honda Type R lawnmower and you want one

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This is not a special edition Honda Civic Type R despite looking exactly like one. It is, in fact, a Honda Miimo Type R lawnmower and we want one more than anything in the world right now.

Looks pretty much the same to us...

The Honda Miimo is an autonomous lawnmower that been bumping into things while cutting grass the world over since 2013. This special edition features all the Type R trademarks such as the massive rear wing, treble exhaust setup and massive ‘R’ logos in case you forget what it’s supposed to be.

Honda created this special one-off to celebrate the 25th years of ‘R’ badge special cars. Unlike the road going Type R, this lawn going version is powered by a lithium-ion battery and will keep your lawn trim and even as it navigates its way around via a perimeter wire.

It can even navigate itself back to its charger once after a hard day of cutting the lawn without the need for human intervention. And don’t think that Miimo will make any mess either as all grass cuttings are redistributed onto your lawn as a form of natural fertiliser.

So, do you think Honda should make this an actual thing? Or are you of the view that all Honda’s sounded like lawnmowers anyway. Let us know in the comments.

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Comments (14)
  • I think they should only make lawnmowers.

    1 year ago
  • About as fast as their F1 Engine.

    1 year ago


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