- Image courtesy of Ed Bolian

This is the hottest Cadillac XTS to ever exist

The performance sedan met its smoldering fate on the last leg of LuxRally

I know performance cars are supposed to be hot, but I don't think this is quite what they meant by that.

The Cadillac XTS in the video belonged to David Eisen, the organizer of LuxRally. The gang was driving from White Sulphur Springs, WV to Atlanta, GA, and the car was being driven by Ryan, a fellow LuxRally participant when it was suddenly engulfed in flames. Ryan reportedly was made aware of the issue when another participant who was ahead of him noticed a shower of sparks pouring out from underneath the engine bay. Just a few seconds later, the sparks evolved into a fire that then erupted from all sides of the car.

Image courtesy of Ed Bolian

Image courtesy of Ed Bolian

When the fire department showed up 20 minutes later, this XTS was already beyond anybody's restoration abilities. Yes, even Freddy's. Thankfully nobody was hurt during the whole ordeal, including the driver. To watch it all from (almost) start to finish, check out Ed's fiery 19-minute live stream!

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