This is the Infiniti Project Black S

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This is an Infiniti Q60 that you can neither drive, nor buy. Not yet, anyway. It’s a technical exercise; a result of a conversation between Infiniti and its friends (partners) over at Renault Sport F1.

The question? How can F1 tech be made relevant for road use. The answer? A 563bhp, dual-hybrid, bewinged two-seat coupe with a trim spec even The Dark Knight himself would be proud of.

Welcome to the update of the Project Black S, a car we first saw at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, albeit as a design study. This one actually works, and – according to the informations provided – works quite quickly.

The 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 features three motor generator units. There’s one MGU-K that harvests energy under braking, and a pair of MGU-H units to get heat energy from exhaust gases, under acceleration.

All three happy helpers feed that energy into a “high-rate discharge” 4.4 kWh battery, which in turn is sent via an anti-lag system, feeding an additional 120kW directly into the drivetrain. It basically amounts to a rather large whoopee: 563bhp of total power.

That’s at the rear wheels only! Via a limited slip diff and allows for 0-62mph in under four seconds. Not too shabby at all. The electrical gubbins no doubt add weight, and the Project Black S weighs in at 1,776kg, 24kg more than a regular Q60 Sport.

This is the only Infiniity you'd be bothered to look at more pictures of.

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  • This is stunning

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