- Image created form pictures by Akaki Khmaladze

This is the man who amused the Grand Tour in Georgia

Do you ever spot rare and interesting vehicles on the road? I'm sure you do. And if so, do you also instantly look around if there is some sort of Land Rover nearby with an open boot and a camera lurking out of it? Well, I do. Because, how great would it be to have a random encounter with the Grand Tour?

I know, chances are very small for this to happen. But if I would believe in odds, I also wouldn't instantly fear to be struck by lightning as soon as a storm approaches.

But why am I telling you this?

Because what happened to professional drifter Akaki Khmaladze is even less likely than being struck by lightning (although I might not be the right person to estimate that).

In autumn 2018, when Akaki was driving along in his crazy modified drift BMW in his home country that is Georgia, he sure wasn't aware of who he would encounter on the road that day. When he saw the Grand Tour filming just in front of him, he could not hold back and caught up with them. But after greeting them with some flames and noise from his exhaust that is sticking out of his bonnet, he intended to leave. But James May wanted to have some more fun…

Have a look at Akaki's onboard footage of his encounter with the Grand Tour:

And not only did he enjoy the company of the Grand Tour filming team and presenters on the road and could fool about with them. On top of all that, he could later find himself and his amazing car in an actual episode of the Grand Tour (Episode 11 of season 3).

Now listen to the heartfelt message from Akaki about the GT Georgia episode:

How would you react if encountering the Grand Tour on the road?

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