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THIS is the McLaren P1!

Can you believe the McLaren P1 is five years old!

3y ago

Would you believe it, the McLaren P1 is now celebrating it's 5th birthday! To coincide with the anniversary, I have the opportunity to take out the single most famous example of a P1 and show you an in depth look before a proper drive in this epic hypercar! Is this not just a dream?!

Launched originally at the 2012 Paris Motorshow, the McLaren P1 was the second model from the new look McLaren Automotive, following on the heels of the MP4-12C supercar. With an entry to the hypercar territory with 916PS and 980Nm thanks to a combination of a 3.8l twin-turbo V8 and a KERS setup like the Formula 1 cars, it certainly demonstrated serious intent.

Even today, this is quite a phenomenal machine and the used prices of the 375 original McLaren P1s have shot up from their £866k start price to approximately £1.5 million on the market. It's no surprise when you look at the statistics and what it was able to achieve.

This particular car, prototype PP3, known fondly as 'P1 OOV' has been seen on the covers of hundreds of magazines, it's been driven at the Goodwood Festival of Speed by Jenson Button, in Belgium by Jeremy Clarkson and around Yas Marina by Chris Harris. It's finished in beautiful Amethyst Black with an interior that demonstrates race car in every way possible.

A thank you goes to McLaren for the opportunity to participate in the celebrations of their most special car to date, and although I have driven the P1 before, to actually enjoy it on some fantastic roads.

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