This is the new 5221bhp, 303mph hypercar you’ve never heard of

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Yes that’s what I thought. Alieno who? But if the specs turn out to be true you will be hearing a lot more about Alieno soon.

Founded in 2015 by Ahmed Merchev, Alieno, which means alien in italian, is a electric hypercar company from Bulgaria with less than 40 employees. The Arcanum is its first car and there are 4 versions to choose from, the least powerful version is the RP2 with just 2610hp but the one you really want is the RP5 which has 24 electric motors producing a combined 5221hp.

There are 6 motors for each wheel, so it’s 4 wheel drive, and each one can be independently controlled. Charging up should only take 30 minute if you have a 350KW charger and it will do 2 laps of the Nurburgring on a full charge.

The Arcanum is packed with tech including 17 cameras, LiDAR, GPS and 8 radar, all these sensors scan the environment in real time to help avoid accidents, theres also 8 airbags and 5-point harnesses to help keep you safe just incase all 5221hp are accelerating you towards a tree.

This is what Ahmed Merchev, founder and CEO of Alieno, had to say:

“ALIENO ARCANUM is an all-electric hypercar from the future with a brutal technical superiority, which is in the basis of the DNA of the brand ALIENO. This our first debut model, expresses clearly the mission of ALIENO to create hypercars with alien technologies from the future into the present. ALIENO ARCANUM does not follow the rules, but it creates new ones, providing an extremely exciting driving experience and enjoyment. By this, it touches not only the senses, but also your soul. Moreover, considering the intelligence of the car achieved through the ALIENO artificial intelligence systems built into it, it is like having at disposal your own alien, being your guide, your guardian and who teaches you how to reach its full potential, while driving it."

All that’s needed now is for someone to be brave enough to pay €1.5 million to find out if it’s any good.

So, do you think the Arcanum will ever be made?



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